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Tips and Tricks to improve your farm pond or private lake.
We have provided a number of very useful articles aimed at answering some of the most common or most difficult
situations relating to your pond.

How to Keep Pond Water Clear
How to Keep Pond Water Clear

A common problem with new and old ponds and lakes is cloudy water. Cloudy pond water is caused by a variety of factors or combinations of factors. To clarify pond water we must first determine what is the root cause of the cloudiness. Not all products or methods will work for all situations.

Preventing Common Pond Problems
Preventing Common Pond Problems

The early spring is the start of your pond maintenance season. Natural and normal pond biological processes may cause your lake or pond to be undesirable for your usage. Starting in the early spring pond nutrients and muck start to feed the algae and weeds that will be a problem come August. As the sun creeps higher in the sky the growing season begins.

Why Use Pond Dyes Which color to Use?
Pond Dye...Why Use It?

Pond Dye can make your pond beautiful all season long with the addition of blue, black, or turquoise dye. FREE Shipping at Smith Creek Fish Farm.


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