Keeping Pond Muck at Bay

Keeping Pond Muck at Bay

A common problem that almost every homeowner with a pond has faced, or will face, is pond muck. Pond muck is a smelly, squishy product of natural pond and lake eutrophication.

the excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen.

Muck clouds up the water suffocate pond life and make your pond unappealing to swim and fish in. Every healthy pond has a layer of good and beneficial bacteria at the bottom, but when pond muck gets out of control it quickly smothers this healthy bacteria, disrupting the ecosystem.

What Is It?

So what exactly is pond muck? Sometimes called pond sludge. Muck is a buildup of rotting organic matter from plants and animals. Every pond has a bit of muck at the bottom, but when pond muck gets out of control it thickens and seals out oxygen, killing your pond’s good microbes and benthic animal life. Hydrogen sulfide is produced by the anoxic decay of pond muck. Hydrogen sulfide gas results in that, tell tail, rotten egg smell that so many unkempt ponds have.  Built up hydrogen sulfide and other gases can contribute to fish kills in the summer and winter.

How Can You Control It?

If you are facing a pond muck problem, you are probably wondering what the quickest course of action is to solve it. Smith Creek Fish Farm offers a variety of natural solutions, including our Beneficial Bacteria Clear Packs and Muck & Sludge Remover Pellets Aeration will increase the effectiveness of our muck reducing products and is the most valuable tool you can purchase for long term maintenance.

Clear packs are composed of a special blend of good bacteria designed to reduce pond sludge buildup, eliminate odors and improve water clarity. Our Muck and sludge remover pellets can be used in conjunction with these packs to treat the muck along your pond’s shoreline. Dropped directly into the sludge, this spot treatment can be used every two weeks while your water temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Keep in mind that by simply adding pond dye, you can keep your good bacteria levels high, since UV can kill some of the beneficial bacteria species.

Once your pond is muck and sludge free (or on is a way to being), it is important to maintain your healthy algae and bacteria to prevent this from happening again. Continue to employ our pond care kits, and pond tools, like a pond rake, to keep excess debris and vegetation from reaching the bottom and building up into more MUCK!

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