Pond Bacteria Treatment

Beneficial Pond Bacteria Treatment


Smith Creek Fish Farm encourage, as part of a good lake and pond management plan, the use of natural biological augmentation for pond bacteria.

curly leaf pond bacteriaTime is the enemy of your aquatic ecosystem. The breakdown of organic matter contributes to the buildup of bottom muck and sludge.

Composted muck is the product of dead weeds, algae, leaves, branches and incoming silt from runoff. The buildup of sludge and muck contributes to a natural situation called: internal nutrient loading. Nutrient loading makes your aquatic environment more fertile for growing nuisance weeds and algae.

A maintenance plan which includes the addition of beneficial microbes and enzymes, along with aeration, will decrease the sludge and muck and intern the internal nutrient loading of your pond or lake.

Contact us to reclaim the health and beauty of your aquatic environment.

Pro-Series Small Pond Kit

Eliminate the time and guesswork of assembling a pond package, everything you need is included. All components are top quality and long lasting — providing years of enjoyment to the owner!

Kits Include:

Pro-Series small AquaFalls filter/waterfall base
Pro-Series skimmer with filter brushes
Energy efficient submersible pump
45 mil EPDM rubber liner
Liner underlayment
Beneficial bacteria
25' of 11 /2" flex PVC pipe
Check valve assembly, fittings and instructions
Three mini LED lights with 45 watt transformer
Waterfall installation kit (pvc glue, primer, silicone, black foam)



Pro-Series Medium Pond Kit

All medium pond kits include our medium AquaFalls filter and PS1FB skimmer for increased filtering capacity over the small pond kits above.

Kits Include:

45 mil EPDM rubber liner
Liner underlayment
Medium AquaFalls filter/ waterfall base
PS1FB skimmer
EasyPro TH pump with a two-year warranty
Beneficial bacteria
2" flexible PVC pipe
Check valve assembly
Three mini LED lights with 45-watt transformer
Installation kit which includes PVC primer, glue, liner patch, silicone, and black foam



Pro-Series Large Pond Kit

Due to the unique nature of large pond and waterfall applications, most of these jobs are custom designed to fit your exact needs. Please fax us a drawing of your project and let us help you design your water feature. Following are a few examples of large pond kits, keep in mind they can be altered to your exact needs!

Kits Include:

45 mil EPDM rubber liner
Liner underlayment
Large Pro-Series skimmer (PS2FB)
Large Pro-Series AquaFalls filter/waterfall base (AL)
9,000 gph or larger submersible pump
3" check valve assembly
3" flexible PVC pipe
One gallon beneficial pond bacteria (ASB128)
Four underwater lights with transformer
WIK2 installation kit which includes PVC primer, glue, liner patch, black foam and two tubes of silicone


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