Three Important Summer Pond Maintenance Tips

As the weather grows warmer during the summer season, so does the temperature of your pond water. And while we all enjoy the opportunity that summer weather provides us to get outside and enjoy the outdoor activities we love, it is important to remember that the fish and plant-life within your pond are just as warm as you are.

Avoid Overfeeding

Pay close attention to how much you are feeding your fish during the hot summer months, as they are prone to over-eat due to increased activity. The use of an automatic fish feeder system can be used to manage food, and beneficial bacteria and muck & sludge remover pellets should be employed to clean up waste from the bottom of your pond.

Trim and Remove Dead Foliage

To stimulate a healthy environment and prevent pumps and filters from clogging up, we recommend regularly removing leaves, debris and yellowing foliage. Products like the Pond Weed Razer, Pond Weed Cutterand the Pond Toss Rake can be employed for quick and easy maintenance.

Supply Plenty of Oxygen

An increase in temperature decreases water’s ability to hold oxygen, just when the demand for oxygen is increasing due to more activity from your fish. An aeration pump will supply plenty of oxygen to the creatures in your pond, keeping them healthy while also assisting bacteria in the fight against pond muck, algae, and waste.

For large pond aeration, solar systems are an affordable and efficient option to consider, and rotary vane systems can be employed as well. Running a fountain will also help improve oxygen levels, helping to lower water temperatures to create a more comfortable environment.

To learn more about proper pond care and to purchase all your pond and lake products in one place, visit Smith Creek Fish Farms online or contact us by phone at 585-322-7805. From fountains to aeration systems, we have everything you need to maintain an attractive and healthy pond this summer and year-round.

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