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How do you grow bigger pond fish you ask? I tell clients "feed the feed that feeds the forage that feeds the fish" that is how you sustainability grow bigger fish.  Try our minnow feed and plankton booster!


     Smith Creek brand minnow feed and plankton booster- This is the same formula we use on the farm to boost minnow and plankton production. Our minnow food is a blend of soy bean meal, alfalfa meal and fish meal feed. 

Minnows, including fathead and shiners are the main food source for game fish and pan fish. A strong foundation of minnows and plankton will grow larger bass, trout, blue gill and other pond fish. Broadcast into pond as well as pour into piles in 2-3 feet of water.  Piles of minnow feed will dissolve over a week or two.

You may be able to see clouds of daphnia hovering above the plankton booster piles.  Smith Creek brand minnow feed and plankton booster is an easier and safer alternative to pond fertilizing.