23-in. LED Light Strip w/ Transformer - White

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23-in. LED Light Strip w/ Transformer - White

A LED strip light is a long strip – or a tape – of little LED chips put at average spans. However, the tape itself comes in fluctuating lengths, and depths are sufficiently restricted to consider extraordinary versatility. This implies they can be put in awkward areas, such as closets, under cupboards, around entryways, and railings. When turned on, the LED chips light up, giving dazzling accent lighting any place you need it.

Mains wired LED strip lighting needs a suitable LED transformer to give the force it needs. It is because LED light expends altogether less energy than customary lighting and requires simply 12V (Volts) of power.

This LED light strip is intended to use under the 23.5" Stainless Steel Spillway, or it very well may be utilized underwater to light up waterfalls, streams, etc.

The 23" 12 volts LED light strip is accessible in white, and it incorporates a transformer (#MT10) with a 15-foot power cable.

LED strip lights permit you to go anyplace in your home gratitude to their versatility and flexibility. From including a dynamic scramble of multicolor to your closet and room to make a cutting edge and modest climate in your kitchen or washroom, the choices you get with LED strip lighting are entirely boundless. 

To get the most out of your LED strip lights, there are a few things you need to consider first, such as installation, length, color scheme, and power supply.

LED strip lighting can also be bought with built-in waterproof casing to utilize them in wet areas securely. There are various shading choices to look over as well, making LED strip lighting extraordinarily versatile for multiple events, occasions, and mind-sets. There are various lengths accessible somewhere in the range of 1m and 5m, and you may require a circuit repairer to install them on the off chance that they're mains wired. However, for effortlessness, you can pick an attachment and play unit that can be installed inside five minutes, as you should connect them.

Product code: LED23WW

Availability: in stock

Product price: 134.99$ 

Advantages of LED strip lights

  • Low energy consumptions
  • Versatile and can be cut-for-purpose 
  • Many color options to create different effects
  • Easy-install plug and play kits available as well as permanent installs
  • Waterproof options available

Description of the product

  •  23LEDs white
  •  easy to install
  •  separable every 3 LEDs / 5cm 
  •  (marked cutting lines)
  •  very flexible 
  •  universally applicable

Technical specification of product

  • Source of light: LED
  • LED: 23
  •  Length: 5m
  •  Width: 8mm
  •  Voltage: 12 DC
  •  Power consumption: 2A
  •  Power: 24W
  •  Beam angle: 120 °
  •  Color: cool white