1 1/2" Premium Pond Flex PVC Pipe - 100 ft. Roll

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1 1/2" Premium Pond Flex PVC Pipe - 100 ft. Roll

An ultimate alternate of excessive fittings. Numerous factors influence the plumbing towards a flexible PVC pipe. Flexible PVC tubing frequently uses in concrete koi ponds and small water features. Easy to install, ideal for many jobs, and more accessible to route in any direction. Pond flex tube doesn't need glue at each turn and can bend its own. It is convenient for hooking, skimmers, or equipment at odd angles. Flexible tubing uses either glued or non-glued fittings. Extra fittings may lead to pressure drop and high operational cost, so premium pond flex pipe reduces fittings that increase pump efficiency, streamline flow, and overcome the losses. 

Premium flex PVC pipe comes variegated thicknesses and diameters. It easily connects with fittings, clamps, and bend easier than rigid PVC. 1-1/2 inch nominal diameter accommodates up to 2200 gallons/hour water flow withstand up to 50PSI. Pond flex tube has no translucency, and its black color tubing resists sunlight penetration and inhibits algae growth inside the hose. 

Premium quality manufacturing ensures flexibility and excellent strength at an affordable price. Suitable for on the ground as well as underground plumbing. Flexibility precludes collapsing, kinking, and also capable of tolerating heavy loads upon burying in deep excavations. Another vital advantage is its elastic structure withstand freezing conditions without rupture in cold-weather regions. Overall save on efficiency, cost, and maintenance, we recommend pond flex PVC pipe for DIY ecosystem ponds, waterfall, fountain, water gardens, and koi ponds, etc.


  • Connects quickly and makes plumbing much simpler.
  • The practically invisible tube makes it ideal for use in performed water gardens.
  • Black color prevents sunlight penetration and inhibits algae growth.
  • Very flexible, ideal for tight turns/bends, confined spaces and reduces the number of fittings.
  • The elastic structure ensures durability, high impact resistance, and heavy loads.
  • Reduce back pressure, cost, and rise efficiency.
  • Suitable for many applications.


Diameter:                              1-1/2”

Length:                                   100 feet roll

Withstand Pressure:            50+ PSI

Temperature resistance:     -10F to 130F

Flow rate:                              2200 gallon per hour

General Applications and Use

Premium pond flex pipe is commonly suitable for fish hatcheries, farming, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, drains, and where a rigid tube is either not practical. PVC pond hose can use above and below ground installations with proper cushioning. Premium pond flex PVC pipe can also be used as a conduit for electrical cables, fiber optic lines, or as a protective shield for smaller diameter tubes.