1 1/2" Premium Pond Flex PVC Pipe - 25 ft. Roll

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1 1/2" Premium Pond Flex PVC Pipe - 25 ft. Roll

Premium pond flex PVC pipe builds with virgin materials that ensure the highest quality. Flexible PVC pipe reduces the number of fittings, raise flow rate, and overall efficiency. It commonly used for water gardening ponds waterfalls drains fish hatcheries irrigation, farming and other applications. It makes plumbing straightforward and can easily route in any direction without the use of multiple fittings. Premium pond flex PVC tubing is robust, long-lasting, and too flexible. The black color makes it practically invisible underwater and inhibits sunlight penetration to reduce algae growth in the hose. Pond flex tubing is also ozone (UV), mildew, and chemical resistant.

Inside smoothness permits unrestricted flow and overcomes the operational cost. 1-1/2 inch diameter accommodates a 2200 gallon per hour flow rate. Premium pond flex PVC pipe is a logical choice for water gardens and koi ponds without complex fittings. It bends easily and connects with simple barb fittings and stainless hose clamps. Tubing made for Schedule 40 fittings and came in assorted diameter and lengths. Trimming or cutting is much simpler than with a rigid PVC pipe.

It tolerates heavy loads placed on the tube so it can use over and beneath ground installations with proper cushioning, as well as convenient to use in many applications. Flexibility precludes collapsing, kinking. Another vital advantage is its elastic structure withstand freezing conditions without rupture in cold-weather.


  • Eliminates back pressure caused by sharp turns and multiple fittings
  • Adequate fittings and structural design make the pond more efficient and streamlined.
  • Simplifies pond layouts and installations.
  • Flex PVC pipe handles large volume water circulation.
  • Very convenient for hooking up to filters, skimmers, or other equipment at odd angles.
  • Ideal for confined spaces.
  • Elastic property prevents rupturing in cold weather.


  • Diameter: 1-1/2”
  • Length: 25 feet roll
  • Withstand Pressure: 50+ PSI
  • Temperature resistance: -10F to 130F
  • Flow rate: 2200 gallon per hour
  • Fitting ranking: SCH-40 schedule fittings

General Applications and Use

Premium pond flex pipe is commonly suitable for fish hatcheries, farming, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, drains, and where a rigid tube is either not practical. PVC pond hose can use above and below ground installations with proper cushioning. Premium pond flex PVC pipe can also be used as a conduit for electrical cables, fiber optic lines, or as a protective shield for smaller diameter tubes.