1.5 HP EasyPro Skid Mount Cartridge System and Chlorinator

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1-5HP EasyPro skid mount cartridge system with PCF120 filter – SM120M.

Easypro Skid mount cartridge filtration system offers complete filtration for koi ponds, water gardens, fish systems and hybrid ponds. 1-5HP EasyPro skid mount cartridge system with PCF120 filter – SM120M is build using quality components and craftsmanship. These skid mount filtration systems combine an efficient pressurized biological bead filter with an energy-efficient external self-priming pump and a UV clarifier.

1-5HP skid mount fountain filtration system comes fully assembled and ready to work. All kits come with a pump, base and all plumbing with SCH-80 fittings including a water bypass line around filter. Simply connect to your incoming and outgoing water lines from your pond and you’re ready to go. Our SMF system is designed to deliver unmatched filtration and chlorination, providing trouble-free operation for your water feature.

Additional Information:

Skid mount filtration kit comes on a 33" by 33" base with a GV150 pump, cartridge filter, and chlorinator. Fully plumbed with Sch. 80 fittings and pipe including a bypass around the filter/chlorinator. 



33" x 33" x 62’ tall







Maximum Head

62’ ft.




16 @ 115v

Plumbing rating

SCH-80 fittings

Advantages & Features:

  • Pre-assembled and ready to install pond filter system.
  • Plumbing complete with unions at connections for future maintenance.
  • Includes Ultimate high flow rate media that creates minimal backpressure.
  • Electrical post with 115v power outlet.
  • Robust polyethene filter body with six-position control head.
  • Energy-efficient self-priming external pump.
  • Includes blower upgrade option.
  • Main power on/off switches for both system pump and UV sterilizer to protect it from overheating in no-flow situations. 
  • Complete filtration for water gardens, koi ponds, hybrid ponds and fish systems.
  • Complete filtration with pressurized bead filter, external self-priming pump and clarifier.
  • Skid mount system that offers an economical option for the experienced formal fountain installer.
  • Custom base kits are available in a wide variety and are custom built to your exact needs. Typically a filtration system is combined with a large, high volume pump for projects needing high flows. Contact us with your needs and we will provide you with a quote based on your requirements.

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