1" x 28" Coarse Density Solids Filter Material - 40 Yd. Roll

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Coarse density solids filter material manufactured by supreme quality virgin synthetic fibers using traditional techniques. It designed to use as a primary solid filter material for mechanical and biological filtration units for ponds. Coarse density filter material recommended for mild pressure drop and fine filtration. It is commonly used in plate filters, bag filters, and also widely used in waterfall filter boxes, pressure filters, and pump pre-filters. Eco-friendly coarse density solids filter material offers less initial resistance, which reduces energy usage, leads to high efficiency and high flow rate, and minimizes financial cost. 

Premium quality coarse density solids filter material can rinse to clean upon need and reuse to obtain optimum performance. Coarse density filter has different material specifications and unique traditional techniques such as thermal adhesion and needle punching methods during manufacturing that ensure durability, high efficiency, increased filter material density, large dust capacity, good permeability and overall filtration behavior.

Coarse density solid filter material is flame-retardant and has U12 grade protection. It also is known as eco-friendly, so you can discard without causing damage. All of this is making it versatile and useful in many applications. 

Coarse Density Filter Media - 1" x 28" x 40 yard roll

  • Material is made from long lasting polyester
  • Can be rinsed clean and reused over and over
  • Most commonly used as a solids filter material before water enters biological media
  • For maximum savings buy full rolls and cut to length as needed

Additional Information:

  • 1" coarse density, off white
  • Removes medium to large particles, cuts easily
  • Ideal for higher flow
  • Average life - 2 to 3 years
  • It manufactured by premium quality synthetic fibers using different particular specifications and traditional techniques.
  • Commonly used as a primary component of mechanical and biological filtration units.
  • Pertinent structure for less initial resistance, excellent filtration, higher flow rate and mild pressure drop.
  • 1” x 28” Coarse filter material available in 40-yard linear roll size. For convenience, per yard and 06-yard long roll are also available.
  • Widely used in skimmers, plate filters, waterfall filter boxes, pre-pump filters and other applications.
  • It reduces energy usage, removes large particles and also lowered the financial costs.
  • It also offers less initial resistance, fine filtration, higher flow rate and mild pressure drop.
  • The coarse density filter material can be rinsed and reused.
  • Easily spends course of 2 to 3 years of life efficiently.
  • The blend of long-lasting polyester materials improves overall filtration behavior.
  • Eco friendly and fire-retardant properties are making it versatile and useful in many applications.

Coarse density filter material is suitable for mild pressure drop and excellent filtration. It also used as primarily solid filter material as a component for mechanical and biological filtration units for ponds. The coarse solid filter material can widely use in spiral wound filters, bag filters, plate filters and other applications like waterfall filter boxes, pump pre-filters and pressure filters.