25' Roll - 6" Wide Liner (EPDM) tape (1-Sided)

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25 "roll-6" wide liner (EPDM) tape 1-sided

25" roll-6 "wide liner (EPDM) Single-sided tape used for seaming and repairing rubber liner. This EPDM Single-Sided Cover Tape or Batten Cover Strip - 6" Wide and 25 ft Long Used after seaming. EPDM Liners together are designed to cover and seal the things that are hard to cover with other things.

If you want to use long term seaming, you will want to prime the area with Quick Prime Plus / Seam Primer. 6 inches Wide Single-sided cover tape. Conform one thing that you have a watertight seal. We recommend that this cover tape be used with the seam tape and primer. Then it will work on EPDM.

EPDM liner one-sided cover Tape is perfect for seaming, fixing and repairing EPDM liner. For stable results, you have to use EPDM Tape Primer and get the most reliable results for a long time. This 6" wide 25 feet long liner is available in many types of lengths and is sticky on one side. Or if you desire double sided tape that is also available in different length and size. It is treated to seam flawlessly among EPDM pond liner, especially Firestone PondGard!


  1. It is Stays flexible in very cold weather
  2. It will give you best results for a Lifetime waterproof seal when used correctly
  3. This 6" wide and 25ft large, one-sided sticky tape gives the durability required to seam or repair liner, be sure that you use a proper seal.
  4. this is Used by trained pond builders & art global
  5. Also, for best results, use Splice Wash if the coating is massively soiled.
  6. Effortless and simple to use, Plain, clean and clear surface and dry the damaged area or area to be seamed before using the primer.
  7. Covered on one side with powerful butyl adhesive.
  8. We recommend when you apply this for best results using a primer for a proper seam.

Product Specs:

Product information: Width: 6" Wide & Length: 25 Feet

Product Dimensions: 6 x 10 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 5.8 pounds

Manufacturer: firestone

Product code: FCS25

Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5

Application and uses:

Used to repair EPDM pond liner and cover (top-dress) liner seams after double-sided seam tape was applied to the seam. It is specially designed to work with its EPDM liner before applying the tape should be prepared using seam prep applied with the quick scrubber tool. 

This seam tape can also be applied as a patch, presenting an excellent seal with good adhesion. Apply it to repair small holes in the EPDM liner. We recommend using this tape in combination with an EPDM Primer or Splice Wash.

The tape is then laid on the seam and affixed with the roller. After the tape backing is removed, the seam is performed with the final application of the roller. It's quick and easy but not for indoor use.