3/4-in. EasyPro Custom Cut - Cut-to-Length - Sold per sq. ft.

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3/4-in. EasyPro Custom Cut - Cut-to-Length - Sold per sq. ft.

Do you need a large pond cover? Don't worry! We can have any width and length pond protection made for you using a heavy-duty nylon mesh that is far superior in strength to any of the plastic covers on the market. It has 1" square openings, a thick rope border around the net prevents tearing of the mesh even when loaded.

¾ -in easypro custom cut provides you tensile strength. It is best for predators from your Fish. It comes in different sizes and different varieties. You will choose what you want. Connecting high-quality design & focus on buyer experience permits us to give you a product with amazing results.

Advantages :

  • Reliable and protective for Fish 
  • Keep out smallest particles and a small number of herbs and leaves 
  • It passes the penny drop test, and the coin will not slip through
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Uv protection provided 
  • Our netting is conveniently rolled up in the box, ready for you to unroll as much as you need
  • Woven quality 
  • Suitable for professional and gardening projects
  • Rust Resistant
  • Perform Heavy Duty
  • Pointed ends to ease into the soil
  • 6-inch x 1.2-inch Multi-purpose Professional Staples
  • offers more high tensile strength AND suited to ward off predators from your Fish
  • Protect Fish against predators
  • Designed to capture small leaves
  • 14 x Stakes included for securing net


Product code CNR34

Price $0.16 

3/4" or 3/8 inch 

Polyethene woven netting

Multi-purpose Professional Staples

Heavy Duty Mesh

Durable Animal/Leaves Barrier

Stretch Provides Extra Resistance

\Do not use as a swimming pool safety net

High-Quality Products.

Easy Setup 14 Stakes

Application and uses

It is reliable for fish protection, and it will work Brilliantly and is designed to keep your Fish safe against Blue Heron birds, cats and other predators. The guarding net is connected using UV-resistant material and provides safeguarding from the Sun. The lightweight net floats above the waterline, so your Fish don't get caught. The 3/4 INCH heavy-duty fine mesh gives you the extra strength that comes from a tightly woven mesh and works exceptionally well. 

The great thing is that this product keeps out the smallest leaves & debris. The easypro custom cut mesh will keep your pond and pool staying beautiful and clean. It also captures the lowest leaves. It is adapted for enduring through the Fall. Perfect for gardeners, aquascaping, water gardens, waterfall features, DIY and people who appreciate a tidy look. This product's quick and easy setup and stability save time. 

All long-lasting stick accessories are easy-to-use and added. Just follow the simple directions or for multi-purpose use. Our net is very adaptable for open-air activities. This product is quality assurance. The original woven fine mesh netting recommended by pond owners worldwide. Beware of cheaper imitations.

NoTe: When fitting the net, try to have the length at 14ft or less. Stretching the net along will cause the width to go less than 14ft because of the diamond-shaped. Our PRIMARY aim is to give you the most satisfying user experience for our products