3" Firestone EPDM Liner Seam Kit

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3" firestone EPDM liner seam kit

This 3" firestone EPDM liner seam kits Fast and simple to work for repairing minor damage to your rubber liner. EPDM Liner Repair Kit is essential for some minor scratches. Firestone Quick Seam EPDM Repair Kit includes all the items needed to repair two small holes should they happen in your liner.

Its amazing Kit includes the tape and primer and all necessary things that you should have to add to your box. It contains three 2 oz. bottles of primer and 25feets long roll double sided 3 inches tape also has steam roller & scrubber pads and disposable gloves that all include needed things in a kit. 

3" firestone EPDM liner seam Kit includes:

  1. It Contains three 2 oz. bottles of primer
  2. 25' roll double sided 3" tape
  3. seam roller
  4. scrubber pads
  5. Latex disposable gloves pair
  6. That's Complete usage Instructions on Package


Product code.   LSK

Total Size: 3-in x 25-ft

Double-sided seam tape

Item Weight 1.47 pounds

Scrubber including yes

Gloves included yes 1 pair

Primer EPDM

Original size 3 in.

Primary color Black

Material Rubber

Primer.   Included

Import USA


  • Easy to use 
  • All necessary things in one box 
  • Not difficult to repair any damage 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Firestone's Quick Seam Tape Technology offers unique features and benefits.
  • Made in the USA

Applications And Uses:

Firestone Quick Seam 3" Firestone EPDM Liner Seam double-sided adhesive tape that is created to seam mutually two layers of EPDM liner. The release paper covers the sticky surfaces of the tape for ease of application. The Firestone Professional Tape Kit is uniquely composed to operate with Firestone PondGard EPDM liner and this Tape, a self-adhesive EPDM/Butyl tape, is at the core of the Quick Seam system. 

Latex disposable gloves help repair anything and provide hand protection from this adhesive tape and primers. And scrubbing is very helpful in fixing to scrub the liner before applying primers and cleaning and clarifying the surface of two points. Seam roller is useful to use liner and tape flawless surfaces. 

Firestone's Quick Seam Tape Technology gives unparalleled specialties and benefits. If you want a perfect seam, use Quick Prime Plus to all areas to be taped, and give some time for dry till tackiness is covered, then the tape is laid on the seam and attached with a roller. Quick prime Plus is prepared for clean and best EPDM before the application of the quick seam products.

These products are related to the repair of linear losses or leaks to stop later leaks before they happen. Firestone Seam Prep application to make surfaces of PondGard EPDM liner for seaming with the Quick Seam Tape. Seam Prep is excellent applied with the Quick Scrubber Plus pad and holder and made in the USA.

3" Firestone Quickseam Liner Seam Kit

  • Contains three 2 oz. bottles of primer
  • 25' roll double sided 3" tape
  • seam roller
  • scrubber pads
  • Latex gloves