3-in. Double Sided Liner Tape - 25 ft. Roll

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3-in double-sided liner tape 25ft roll

It developed to design as Double-sided sticky - 3 inches wide by 25 feet length. This EPDM liner double-sided tape is used for seaming and repairing liners. 3in double-sided liner tape 25ft roll seam tape is handled seaming and used for seaming & repairing liner. This 3inches Wide, double-sided adhesive tape provides the strength necessary to seam or repair liner through this tape, ensuring a proper seal. We advise using a primer quick Prime PLUS primer for a precise seam. 

This three-inch-wide, double-sided adhesive tape gives the concentration to make a repair or seam that is sure to continue. When making liner repairs and seaming many parts of a liner, it is important to finish the liner seam properly, so you don't run into problems next. We recommended Firestone Quick Prime Primer for ensuring a proper seam.


Product code.  FST325

Total Size: 3-in x 25-ft

Double-sided seam tape


Item Weight 1.47 pounds

 Battery including No

Manufacturer 22017

Primer EPDM

Original size 3 in.

Primary color Black

Material Rubber

Manufacturing discount available No

Primer not included

Import USA


  • Comes in easy application roll
  • Tape is easy to use and won't create a mess like the way glue does. Both sides coated with permanent adhesive
  • Cleaner way to Use for seaming and repairing liner
  • Holds things together without being seen
  • It can perform immediately,  Refills easily, stores away conveniently, always ready
  • Glides off roll smoothly, cuts easily
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced material
  • Great for quick fixes, mounting or additions to your project
  • Easy-to-apply design that doesn't dry out
  • Strong adhesive properties ensure long-lasting durability
  • For most reliable effects provide liner with smart Prime EPDM liner primer
  • this Double-sided tape adhesive - 3 inches wide by 25 feet length
  • A 25-foot roll of 3-inch double-sided seam tape
  • Strong butyl based tape performs well under hot and cold conditions.
  • Strong and flexible seam tape and adhering properties ensure a very good seam.
  • Used for seaming and repairing liner

Application and uses

This double-sided rubber-based seam tape is worked for seaming two pieces of EPDM or TPO roofing layers. That primer needs o to be used among this product for the liners and the tape to join or repair (adhere) together.

This 3 inches double-sided liner Used for seaming EPDM liners. That provides a simple way into an easy application roll. This double-sided liner has Strong adhesive properties to ensure long-lasting durability. Make sure for long term results you have to use a primer for this, for best results prepare coating with a quick Prime EPDM liner primer. 

It was improved to build as Double-sided sticky - 3 inches wide by 25 feet length. This double-sided liner product Imported from the USA. EPDM liner double-sided seam tape worked as a seaming & fixing repairing plane. This 3" Wide, double-sided adhesive tape gives the power needed to seam or repair liner, ensuring a proper seal. We suggest applying a primer for a specific seam.