3" Premium Pond Flex PVC Pipe - 50 ft. Roll

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3" premium pond flex pvc pipe-50ft. roll

3" premium pond flex PVC pipe-50ft. Roll has many Features of the Schedule PVC Pipe. One of the great things about this is that it is Very Flexible, ideal for working in confined areas. That is used both inside and outside the ground area. Crush and impact resistant. Light turns, that's why, Saves time and labor also reasonable cost.

A rigid inner PVC spiral resists crushing and impact effects, and this PVC pipe can be used for above-ground and underground installations (with proper cushioning).

The outside diameter (standard IPS size) of premium pond flex pvc pipes are designed to be glued into standard Schedule 40 PVC fittings. 

It is available in many varieties 1 1/2", 2", 3" inches, and different variations in length. The hose's black color presents it perfectly for use in water gardens. And it's invisible underwater. Algae development inside this tube is inhibited, as the black color resists daylight.


  • Flexible pvc pipe used for spa hose, pond tubing, water garden tubing, pool hose
  • Made from all Virgin Materials
  • Precision controlled outside diameter easily accepts and glues into standard Schedule 40 fitting
  • Formulated with UV Protectors
  • This black PVC pipe is very flexible and has super strength making.
  • An excellent choice for pond and water feature use.
  • It can reduce back pressure produced by extra fittings in plumbing systems.
  • this pipe provides a quality alternative to Ultimate Pond Flex Tubing at an affordable price.
  • It afford Temperature: -10F TO +130F
  • Increases efficiency of the system while reducing fittings and installation time
  • Not for use in dead-head situations


Type         PVC Flex Tubing

Brand.      EasyPro

Product code.   BT300

The temperature scale is -10°F to 130°F

Made in the USA 

Appearance: Smooth exterior and interior

Fish safe

Color: black tube with black helix

Connection: Socket connection

Construction: Schedule 40 sizing specifications

Length: 50-Feet, custom lengths available

Size(s): 3-Inch

Purposes: Plumbing for Swimming Pools and Jetted Baths

Installation: Glues to the standard PVC fitting

 NSF listed

 FDA certified non-toxic.

Condition       New

Application and uses 

Premium pond flex pipe is very smooth inside and out - permits unrestricted flow, reducing operating costs. This 50ft roll PVC Pipe Used for Standard Fittings and PVC Glue and can be connected to rigid PVC with ease Sunlight, ozone (UV) and chemical resistant, Coils easily for storage and transportation. 

Our Flexible PVC Pipe easily adjusts to almost any contour and experiences less heat loss than comparable copper or steel PVC pipe. 

This pipe is used in the complete Aqua cape MiniPond Kit, Standard Pond Kits, Grande Pond Kits, Filtration System, Signature Series Pond Kits, and MicroPondless Waterfall Kit. 

This rigid PVC helix, making it strong enough to replace rigid PVC pipe in many applications. NSF is listed, and its FDA non-toxic formulation is made using only virgin resin and high-quality plasticizer to ensure long life. 

You may use this pipe in tight areas to eliminate 90° elbows and improve flow rates.