5/8" ID X 1.12" OD Sinking Tubing/Hose

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5/8" ID X 1.12" OD Sinking Tubing/Hose

It is sinking polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hose having thick walls. This PVC hose or tubing does not break and split and it’s a guarantee. It is a lead-free hose that is the most durable in the market. As it is a self sinking air hose so the tube/hosing sinks at the bottom unaided. There is no need to tie something heavy as for example brick or other heavyweights to it. The standard PVC tubes float when filled with air, so these self sinking tubes have an advantage over them.
The aeration installation is very quick and easy and this is due to the high-density flexible PVC composite. It has rapid sinking properties so due to this it can be installed and handled easily.
Another good thing is its easy installation in all temperatures even in cold weather and due to this, it gives many years of service. This is because the air hose is exuded from very flexible PVC material.
This self sinking air hose comes with a very low coil memory which makes the movement of the air hose in and out of the water very easy. This property saves labour and time.
It contains UV protectant which protects it from damage. Moreover, this hose is puncture-resistant to the fish hooks and other sharp objects.
As there is not any 1 /2 – 5 /8 splice kit so you can use 1 /2 ″ or 5 /8 ″.
For stretching purposes use heat or you can use tape for building it up.
The weighted tubing carries air between the pump and diffusers.

1. 5/8" ID x 1.12" OD
2. Maximum PSI rating: 50 PSI
3. Thick-walled PVC
4. Works in all temperatures
5. UV resistant

1. By securing your pond’s aesthetics, it simply gets air to the diffusers.
2. After its being connected in its place, it becomes almost invisible.
3. Easier installation, maintenance and placement of the diffusers because it does not use ties and bricks for keeping the tube in place.
4. It is metal free so it’s safe to use in ponds.

It is used for:
1. Pond Aeration
2. Water re-circulation
3. De-icing
4. Fish hatcheries


Hence, if you are looking for a good sinking tube/hose then this one is for you. It enhances the aesthetics of your pond. Moreover, the important thing is its easy installation and it is user friendly. It is a safe option for ponds because it is metal free. Another good thing is its flexible at all temperatures so you would not be worried to use it in extreme summers or winters.

The astounding feature of this hose/tube is its self sinking property which makes it easy to use since you do not tie bricks or heavy weights to it. If all these properties match up to your requirements and all these specifications are those which you were looking for then you can buy this from our website today.