5/8" Polyethylene Tubing

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5/8" high density polyethylene tubing (HDPE). HDPE is chemical resistant. It is inexpensive, durable, kink and UV resistant. It is stiff but flexible so it can be bent without kinking.  All these qualities make the tubing ideal for air and water distribution..

It has better chemical and physical properties. It has become commercially used in the environmental industry because it is resistant to VOCs and naturally occurring gases. It is of FDA food grade.  It can withstand maximum pressure of 100-150 psi. Maximum temperature that can be withstood is 150 ° F. It can be buried or left exposed.

  • It can be used as a feeder and supply line for low flow and drip irrigation watering device.
  • It can be weighted for sinking in the pond although the recommendation is that the sinking tubing must go from shore to diffuser in the pond bottom.
  • It can withstand sterilization due to boiling.
  • As it is a corrosion resistant plastic,  it can be used for a variety of fluid, gas and liquid transfer applications.




1. Tubing material is polyethylene.

2. It is HDPE (high density polyethylene type)

3. Black tubing color
4. Diameter is 5’8″
5. Available in various lengths
6. It can withstand maximum pressure of 260 PSI at 72°F
7. The temperature range is from -93°F to +184°F.
8. Its tensile strength is 4600 PSI.


1. It is high density polyethylene tubing (HDPE).
2. It is chemical resistant.
3. It is inexpensive, durable, kink and UV resistant.


1. It can be used for ground water pumps.

2. It is used for well developers and foot valves.
3. It can also be used for water handling purposes like municipal water lines, farm irrigation and underground wells.



Hence, if you want to buy polyethylene tubing then this is the best choice for you. As it has some great features and specifications. It has multiple uses too and for the people who own a pond farm or are planning to build a pond will need this for installing their aeration system.

High density polyethylene tubing is a good choice because it is chemical resistant and is inexpensive, durable and UV resistant too. If you are looking for all these qualities in a tubing then this is a must buy for you.