Aquaculture Poly Tanks

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Aquaculture Poly Tanks

Smith Creek Fish Farm offers a variety of tanks and tank systems for both educational and aquaculture applications. Aquaculture Poly Tanks are lightweight, inexpensive, freshwater or saltwater compatible and have a long life expectancy. These one piece tanks do not have factory installed drains, use bulkhead fittings for water tight drain connections. Tanks are shipped FOB Minnesota, allow 10 to 14 days delivery time. All tanks on this page are available in black, green, blue or natural. Tanks ship blue if not specified. Check out our complete fish systems! Please inquire about multiple Aquaculture Poly Tanks shipping discounts.

Semi-Square Aquaculture Poly Tanks - Stands are available for tanks - please inquire!

Provide the most volume of water in a gross area. Neatly contoured for self cleaning. These nestable tanks also feature a sloped bottom for total tank drainage. Tanks do need a support stand. Ideal for koi display tanks! Stands are available for tanks - please inquire!

Round, Flat Bottom Aquaculture Poly Tanks:

We’ve sold these tanks all over the United States and in Canada for a wide variety of applications including aquaculture production, koi display tanks, filtration tanks, holding tanks. etc. Tanks are nestable for reduced shipping cost. PT3931, 4825 and 5228 have a sump pit in the floor of the tank.

Cone Bottom Aquaculture Poly Tanks: Stands are available for tanks - please inquire!
Cone bottom tanks are excellent for filtration tanks as well as aquaculture production, they require a stand for support. Tanks are light blue in color and are nestable for shipping. Cone bottom tanks provide the best self cleaning action, a 20° cone bottom
forces solids to the bottom center of the tank allowing for continuous cleaning action. Tank depth listed below does not include cone, overall depth is tank and cone bottom.

Aquaculture Poly Tanks