Aquashade® Pond Dye 1 Gallon

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Aquashade® Pond Dye 1 Gallon

As with all dyes – Apply early in the season for best results

  • Registered with the E.P.A. for weed and algae control and prevention

  • One gallon treats one acre, 4' - 6' deep (1.5 Million Gallons)

  • Safe for use with fish and aquatic life

Aquashade pond dye comes in a gallon jug and is meant to restrict and control aquatic plant and algae growth in ponds and lakes. It gives your pond a very nice aqua blue color. It also blocks a wide spectrum of UV rays from sunlight for the prevention of bottom weed, chara and filamentous algae growth. A one gallon bottle of Aquashade pond dye treats one acre of surface water that is 4 to 6 feet deep. It successfully blocks a certain spectrum range of light which inhibits photosynthesis in bottom growing weeds and algae.

Aquashade is very effective in two or more feet of depth and also inhibits Planktonic toxic blue/green algae blooms. 
Very effective, year round control as part of your pond and lake maintenance program. 
Aquashade has undergone through testing for best quality and results. It can be used in backyard garden ponds, large business park retention ponds and residential home development ponds, as well as larger impounded lakes. 
It is very popular among fish farmers.

Moreover, it is non-corrosive and does not stain skin, fur, bathing suits, surfaces of fountains or other water features when fully diluted.


It has a very precise formulation of dye colors to control aquatic plants and algae. 
It is not only a colorant but acts as an herbicide and algaecide also. 
It is EPA registered.
It controls underwater aquatic plant life as it limits the sunlight that is available for photosynthesis. It has a blend of yellow and blue dyes to block a wider light spectrum.
It is very effective in depths of water that is two or more feet deep. 
It can be used along other algaecides and herbicides for controlling surface algae mats and water plants that are shallow.


  • You have only to pour it directly into the water.
  • You can apply it in different areas around the treatment site for the acceleration of dispersion. Fountains and aerators can also be allowed to run and speed up the mixing process.
  • For best results, you can use it in the early season, before the plant seed and turion germination.
  • It can also be applied directly to the ice cover to get a early jump on the spring season.

Water use limitation:

You have to wait 1 hour before irrigation, animal consumption or swimming. 
Do not apply Aquashade to potable water which is meant for consumption by humans.


Active ingredients: 12.60% acid blue 9, 1.04% acid yellow 23.

It is appeared as a dark blue liquid in undiluted form.

Dosage Rates:

  • Treatment area (4 feet deep) | Aquashade 0.5 PPM | Aquashade 0.8 PPM | Aquashade 1.5 PPM
  • Up to ¼ acre | 20 oz | 32 oz | 60 oz
  • Up to ½ acre | 40 oz | 62 oz |120 oz
  • Up to 1 acre | 80 oz | 1 gallon | 1.9 gallon

*Many states restrict the shipment of EPA registered chemicals into the state. At this time most products that are not EPA registered are not restricted. AK, CA, CT, DC, DE, HI, MA, ME, NJ, NY, PR, RI, VT, WA, or Canada restrict the shipment of products into their states/country. Products can be purchased from, but not shipped in.