Aquatic Weed Razor Cutter With Rope and Blade Sharpener

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Aquatic Weed Razor Cutter

Clear your lake or pond of weeds in minutes with the Crystal Blue Weed Cutter.  The Weed Cutter is easy to use.  Simply toss the tool from your dock, boat or shore.  The Weed Cutter sharp blades slice easily through most types of aquatic weeds.  The Weed Cutter comes with 20 ft. of rope and a hand sharpener.  Blades are made of stainless steel.  

  • Weighs 8 pounds

  • Light enough to toss 30 feet

  • Cuts in various depths of water

  • Works at the base of the weeds

  • Cuts up to 3.5 ft. wide with each toss

 *Blades are very sharp.  Always keep blade covers on when not in use.

Unwanted aquatic weeds can be controlled using rakes and cutters. The nuisance of aquatic shoreline weeds is suffered by lake cottage and pond owners alike.  Normal shore weeds become difficult as the lakes and pond become rich in nutrients as sediments accumulate.

You can remove the pond or lake weeds in no-time with the razor cutter. The rakes and cutters are designed  to make them an efficient and amazing tool for cutting and removing submerged lake and pond weed. It works well for the shoreline and for deep water.


1. It is able to cut in shallow and in deep water
2. Cuts at the base of the weed
3. There is less resistance because it does not drag the weed but slices it
4. Replacement blades are  available
5. It also comes with a free blade sharpener

Instructions to use

Simply toss it into the pond, the head sinks in to the floor of the pond and the cutter head is pulled towards you.

Shore weeds can be handled by pulling directly on the handle, instead of the rope, for more strength and control. 

Rust proof galvanized steel handle. Cut weeds are easily removed with the Floating Lake Rake