Biological Muck Reducer Pellets

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Bucket Size: Ours - 10 lb., Theirs - 8 lb.

Price: Ours - $149.99, Theirs - $149.99

Value: Ours - $15.00/lb., Theirs - $18.75/lb.

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Great for spot treating around docks, beaches or partially treating large ponds. This product is a slightly modified version of Pond-Vive. While Pond-Vive bacteria is designed to treat several issues of water quality, these sludge remover pellets are specifically designed to reduce sludge.

Smith Creek Brand  Biological Muck Reducer Pellets

1 lbs. (2 Scoops) will treat approximately 2,000 square feet for up to 3 months as maintenance.

Digests muck into a odorless gas, allowing it to escape unnoticed from the water column
Eliminates Odors associated with dead vegetation
Great for spot treating troublesome areas such as, beaches and shorelines
Easy-to-apply 3 gm. muck digesting pellets
How do muck reducing Pellets reduce mucky bottoms?

Muck is caused by rotting vegetation, leaves, twigs and fish waste that accumulate on the bottom of your pond. Muck-Away Pellets are a special blend of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria.

Designed for spot-treating, they go to work on contact to rapidly dissolve organic waste into an odorless gas which escapes unnoticed out of the water column. Muck-Away Pellets are so effective that when used regularly you can remove up to 5 inches of muck per year!

Why should I use Biological Muck Reducer Pellets?

Smith Creek Biological Muck Reducer Pellets are an inexpensive alternative to dredging out muck in a pond. Over time, muck decreases the depth of your pond. Muck is also unpleasant to walk through when using a pond for swimming. Large amounts of nutrients are held in muck, making it ideal for algae and pondweeds to grow. Reducing muck by treating a pond with Biological Muck Reducer Pellets will reduce the amount of algae and weeds growing in the pond.

Easy to apply Biological Muck Reducer Pellets:

Simply broadcast Biological Muck Reducer Pellets evenly over the treatment area by hand or scoop. Treatment areas should be measured in square feet or acres.

When to apply Biological Muck Reducer Pellets:
Apply every 2-4 weeks when water temperatures are above 40° F. Treatments should continue until desired results are achieved. Wait 3 days after an algaecide and/or herbicide treatment to apply Biological Muck Reducer Pellets.

Biological Muck Reducer Pellets Chart

Pond Size 
(Square Feet) 

Dosage Rate
(Every 2-4 Weeks)

Up to 1,000 sq. ft.

1x8oz. Scoop of 3 gm. Pellets

1,001 - 2,000 sq. ft.

 2x8oz. Scoops of 3 gm. Pellets

2,001 - 4,000 sq. ft.

3x8oz. Scoops of 3 gm. Pellets

4,001 - 6,000 sq. ft

4x8oz. Scoops of 3 gm. Pellets

Full Pond Treatment: Apply 6x8oz. Scoops of 3 gm. Pellets per 1/4 acre every two weeks when water temperature is above 40° F. 

Biological Muck Reducer Pellets