Blue Heron Decoy

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Blue Heron

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Blue Heron Decoy

  • Protect Your Fish From Predators
  • Life-like Heron Also Makes Great Decor
  • Durable Construction For Years Of Use
  • 22" L x 10" W x 33" H

     Herons are very territorial birds; when the decoy is placed near a pond, other herons will avoid conflict and find a different feeding spot! The Blue Heron Decoy deters problematic herons from visiting your pond and doubles as a realistic blue heron pond decoration.

  The Blue Heron Decoy should be moved regularly for best fish pond protection results. It is constructed of durable injection molded plastic and includes detachable legs and a mounting stake.

    The Blue Heron Decoy should be placed along the shoreline of your farm pond or water garden to deter herons from visiting your pond. The decoy for sale should be relocated frequently to maintain the appearance of a live and active heron.

**The Blue Heron Decoy should not be used as a heron deterrent until late May after their mating season has ended. If used during their mating season your decoy may attract a live mate.

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