Deluxe Linear Aeration Kits 3,000 - 20,000 Gallons

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The linear piston aeration kits are the finest of all the systems available in the market now a days. Out of all the air pumps, they have the longest warranty making them one of the the best built air pumps for you to buy.  We have two of these air pumps that have been running, non stop, for more than ten years.

The kit includes:

ML28 compressor, 15 inches of weighted airline and RAD6 air diffuser.


1. Extra quiet: You can bareley hear them from 5 inches away.
2. Energy efficient: They only cost you pennies to run per day.
3. Very reliable: The motors can often run for 5 to 8 years constantly.
4. Oil less design: They provide clean and dry air and very minimal maintenance is required.
5. UL listed: Meant for outdoor use.
6. Compressor comes with 3 year warranty and tubing and diffuser come with a 5 year warranty.

Medo garden pond aerators are perfect for ornamental water features and koi ponds. These kits are rated to effectively aerate ponds 3000 to 20,000 gallons depending on the size of the compressor. Medo high quality kits that carry 2 & 3 year warranties. 

This pond aerator offers a continuous aeration system that is powered by a hardy air compressor. Since the compressors costs only pennies to run and are very quiet, it can be used for both summer time aeration and winter time de-icing without costing you as much money as heaters or de-icers.

The kit includes everything you need to set up the aerator ready for use, including the tubing, compressor and diffuser making it quick and easy to set up.