Build Your Own Fountain Float and Nozzle

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DIY Pond Fountain Float and Nozzle Kit

Trying to find a professional looking, aerating fountain for your pond, AND keep it under budget? This float and nozzle kit only needs an appropriate pump attached.  You could use a well pump, pool pump, irrigation pump, sprinkler pump, sump pump or even a gasoline trash pump for an off the grid fountain at an affordable cost .  The only trick is to match the specs of your pump to the chart above, in the photos, to determine the spray pattern your pump will create.  Available in 3 display patterns.


Lets build your own fountain by simply hooking a pump to this head and nozzle combo!  Choose from three different nozzles.
  • Build your own fountain!Using this fountain head you can build your own fountain by simply hooking a pump to it

  • Ideal for use with existing lawn sprinkling pump

  • The fountain head has a 24" diameter high density float and a decorative float cover

  • The spray nozzle threads on/off for easy cleaning

  • Inlet connection is 2" female threads

  • Nozzle displays are the same as the Aqua Fountains