Dome Top Fountain Basalts

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Dome Top Fountain Basalts

If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your pond, then this is a must for you to buy. It comes in a set of 3. You can also buy them individually or all the 3 together. These real stone heavy weight columns that create beautiful bubbling feature. 

Dome Top Fountain Basalts Tranquil Decor Dome Top Basalts Only:

  • Available individually or in a pack of three.
  • Recommended flow rate of 200 - 400 gph per column.
  • It is ideal for use with FBL40 or FBL48 basins.
  • Use concrete blocks in the basin for added support for these heavy weight columns.

Dome Top Fountain Basalts Features and Characteristics

Each column is core drilled with a 1 1/4" (32mm) hole from end to end, the last 1 1/2" is enlarged to 1 3/8" (37mm) to hide light ring.

Dome tops spill water from all sides.
Due to natural characteristics of the basalts -the size, weight, and number of sides will vary.

Dome Top Fountain Basalts is perfect for creating a bubbling feature in a landscape or indoors, these columns will provide years of enjoyment. 

Natural cut sides with polished end make for a beautiful display even if the pump is off. Polished tops spill water from multiple sides.

Dome Top Fountain Basalts Conclusion

Hence, if you were looking for a bubbling landscape feature this will definitely increase the aesthetic appearance of your garden pond or landscape area and will make it appealing to the eyes. If you want all 3 of them then you can order them in a pack otherwise you can order a single column too.

Dome Top Fountain Basalts