EasyPro Submersible Mag Drive Pumps

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  • EasyPro Submersible Mag Drive Pumps

    EasyPro Mag Drive pumps stand out from the crowd in features, benefits and durability.

    • With thirteen models ranging from 120 gph to the industries largest mag-drive pump at 9700 gph. EasyPro offers a model for just about any need. For low head applications EasyPro Mag Drive pumps are unbeatable and with few moving parts, their reliability is unsurpassed.


    • Mag drive motors — quiet and very energy efficient
    • Epoxy filled motors — no oil
    • Foam prefilter included on all pumps 120 gph through 1350 gph, larger pumps have screened inlet but no foam
    • Flow restrictor valve included with each fountain set, 600 gph - 1350 gph fountain sets include diverter valve allowing you to run a fountain nozzle and a waterfall at one time
    • We offer a three year limited warranty! EasyPro Mag Drive pumps are built durable, over 98% of these are still running after three years!
    • Free fountain set with all 120 - 1350 gph pumps
    • Female threaded discharge ports on all pumps for easy fitting connection