Floating Swan Decoy

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Floating Swan Decoy

Keep geese and heron away from your pond with this Floating Swan Decoy. This realistic Floating Swan Decoy features a lifelike appearance designed to protect your pond from pests like the Canada goose. Geese cause several issues for ponds and water features, primarily by grazing and creating excess waste, leading to poor water conditions for your pond fish. Other pests and predators, like the blue heron, will prey on pond fish, leading to fish loss. Due to the territorial nature of the swan, geese and herons will often avoid locations where they find a swan is present, helping to keep your pond clean, safe, and healthy.

Each Floating Swan Decoy is constructed of durable polyresin with a long-lasting, all-weather finish for years of trouble-free use.  The Floating Swan Decoy can be used floating on the water or on dry land and includes an anchor tab which makes it easy to secure the swan in place.

  • Protect Your Pond From Geese and Heron
  • Realistic Mute Swan Decoy
  • Use On Land or In Water
  • Durable Construction For Years Of Use
  • 31" L x 13.5" W x 17.5" H

Deter geese and further decorate your water feature with the Floating Swan Decoy. Swans are very territorial animals as they naturally compete with geese for nesting space and food.

It is well known that a pair of goose repellent decoys can deter or even scare away a flock of geese before they have the chance to nest!