1" Premium Pond Flex PVC Pipe - 25 ft. roll

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For DIY ecosystems, small water features, and ponds, the premium pond flex PVC pipe is very flexible and has excellent strength. This makes the Pond flex PVC pipe the perfect choice. The economical pricing is another plus associated with this pipe. Its installation is effortless, and its usage benefits are enormous. These are the reasons Small water features or preformed water garden units frequently use pond flex tubing widely. It can conveniently be used for routing, hooking, and it can be bent in any direction.

On top of everything, it is available in multiple lengths, wall thicknesses, and as for the 1-inch diameter that is capable of accommodating 1500 gallons of water flow per hour and the pond flex PVC pipe can handle over 50PSI water pressure easily. It comes in two types of tubing, translucent and black, also it is capable of bearing the tons of loads when buried in deep excavations. The black tubing absorbs sunlight and reduces the growth of algae formation in the hose. The pond flex PVC pipe can tolerate harsh weather. As for the fittings, this pipe outranks any other options in this department, as there is no need for excessive fittings. Premium pond flex pipe increases pump efficiency, streamline flow, and helps in the reduction of losses.  


  • Elastic property prevents rupturing in cold weather
  • Adequate fittings and simple layout raise streamline efficiency.
  • Simplifies pond layouts and installations.
  • Flex PVC pipe accommodates a tremendous water flow rate.
  • Resists against algae growth, chemicals, and UV (ozone) mildew.
  • Flex PVC pipe handles large volume water circulation.
  • Adequate fittings and structural design make the pond more efficient and streamlined.
  • Ideal for confined spaces.


  • Diameter: 1”
  • Length: 25 feet roll
  • Withstand Pressure: 50+ PSI
  • Temperature resistance: -10F to 130F
  • Flow rate: 1500 gallon per hour
  • Fitting ranking: SCH-40 schedule fittings

General Applications and Use

Premium pond flex pipe is commonly suitable for fish hatcheries, farming, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, drains, and where a rigid tube is either not practical. PVC pond hose can use above and below ground installations with proper cushioning. Premium pond flex PVC pipe can also be used as a conduit for electrical cables, fiber optic lines, or as a protective shield for smaller diameter tubes.