K & H Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Pond De-Icer - 250 Watt

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K & H Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer - 250 Watt
  • Floating or submersible in one convenient de-icer
  • Thermostatically controlled to keep your pond from freezing
  • Multiple wattage options
  • Safe in all ponds and will not harm pond liners
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • 12 ft. cord
  • 2 year warranty
K & H has redefined the pond de-icer market with the new Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe De-Icers. This revolutionary de-icer can be floated or submerged to maintain a hole in pond ice and help fish survive the winter. It's available in 250, 750, and 1500 models, allowing pond owners to use only the wattage needed for their ponds by following our convenient Zone Chart.
Float or Submerge:
Now you can float or submerge your pond de-icer without purchasing two separate units. To use the Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe as a floating de-icer, leave the float ring attached. To use it as a submersed de-icer, simply unscrew and remove the float ring. This simple process requires only a few seconds and allows consumers to change the functionality of their deicers at any time.
Multiple Wattage Options:
With the K&H Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond De-Icer you have the freedom to select the proper wattage for your needs. Choose from 250, 750, and 1500 watt models.
Please consult our zone chart below to determine the wattage needed for your climate and application. (Click image to make it larger.)
Thermostatic Temperature Control:
Internal thermostats automatically monitor water temperature and turn the unit on and off to keep the average water temperature just above freezing. This unique technology ensures that your pond de-icer will only run as often as needed to maintain a hole in the ice. In fact, it's thermostatically controlled to never get hot when properly submerged in water. Unlike some other heaters, Thermo-Pond products will never burn a pond liner or plastic pond.
This product has been tested and certified by MET Labs to meet their high standards for electrical product safety.
As with any electrical product used in wet locations, please plug the Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet.
Gas Exchange Keeps Fish Alive:
An open hole in pond ice allows proper gas exchange and helps fish survive the winter. The Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe facilitates this exchange by maintaining a hole in pond ice, even in sub-zero weather. Add this K&H de-icer to your pond for a healthier aquatic environment this winter.
To ensure that your fish have plenty of livable area, please operate the Thermo-Pond in ponds with a depth of at least 18 inches.
Safe For Fish:
Even when they do come in contact with the heating element of a K&H deicer, your fish are quite safe. The heating element will never get hot to the touch as long as it is properly submerged in water. You can actually reach down into the water and put your finger on the heating element and it will not burn you. In the middle of winter when it gets really cold you’ll find your fish huddling around the deicer to keep warm, but the deicer will never harm them.
Warranty: 2 Years
Specification Table:
  250 Watt 750 Watt 1500 Watt
Power Cord Length 12' 12' 12'  
Wattage 250 750 1500  
Dimensions 7" Dia x 5" H 7" Dia x 5" H 9" Dia x 5" H  
Monthly Operating Cost (24/7)* $12.50 $37.50 $75.00  

*Monthly Operating Cost was calculated at $0.07 per kilowatt hour. Please note that costs will vary depending on location.

Recommended Pond Size

0-100 Gallons
100-400 Gallons
400-750 Gallons
750-1,000 Gallons
1,000-1,200 Gallons
Zone 3 250 Watt 750 Watt 750 Watt 1500 Watt 1500 Watt
Zone 4 250 Watt 750 Watt 1500 Watt 1500 Watt 1500 Watt
Zone 5 250 Watt 250 Watt 750 Watt 750 Watt 1500 Watt
Zone 6 250 Watt 250 Watt 250 Watt 750 Watt 750 Watt
Zone 7 & Up 250 Watt 250 Watt 250 Watt 250 Watt 750 Watt