Compact Aeration Series Pond Aeration Kit

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Compact Aeration Series (CAS)

Supplying adequate oxygen levels and circulation during hot summer months or deicing during freezing months is critical for pond and fish care. CAS Pond Aeration Kits provide quiet and energy-efficient aeration for aquariums, water gardens and koi ponds, making them the perfect choice!


  • Quiet, energy-efficient aeration for aquariums, water gardens and koi ponds.
  • Helps to create a healthy environment for fish
  • Use in winter as a deicer
  • Adjustable Air Flow on all Models
  • All units have a 6 ft power cord
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Three kit sizes available for ponds up to 4 ft. deep
  CAS1 - Single Outlet Kit CAS2 - Dual Outlet Kit CAS4 - Quad Outlet Kit
Recommend Pond Size* Up to 1000 Gallons Up to 2000 Gallons Up to 3500 Gallons
Max Air Flow (cfm) 0.14 2 x 0.15 (0.3 total) 4 x 0.15 (0.6 total)
Max Pressure (psi) 3.19 3.19 3.62
Max Wattage 2.7 Watts 4 Watts 8.2 Watts
Voltage 120V 120V 120V
Amperage .029 .043 .127
3/16" Black Airline One - 25 ft. Roll Two - 25 ft. Rolls Four - 25 ft. Rolls
Diffusers and Check Valves 1 2 4
*Fish load, filtration capacity and other factors affect actual maximum pond use