Tranquil Decor Keyed Spillway Basalt Fountains

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Tranquil Decor Keyed Spillway Basalt Complete Fountain

Add a unique and interesting look to your landscape with this compact basalt water feature!

Tranquil Decor Real Basalt columns have unmatched simple beauty. Perfect for creating a bubbling feature in a landscape or indoors, this complete keyed spillway column fountain kit will provide years of enjoyment. Three pack of Keyed Spillway basalt columns is also available without kit components.

Taller two Keyed basalts fountains have a spillway built into them allowing water to fall from one basalt to the next. The bottom basalt overflows water into the basin below.Real basalts make a beautiful display even if the pump is off. Due to natural characteristics of the basalts the size, weight and appearance may vary.

Keyed Basalts can be purchased with our without the basin, light and pump kit. Each set arrives completely protected in wooden crate.

Additional Information:

  • Recommended Flow Rate 120-200 gph
  • Approximately 6", 12", 18" columns by 8"-11" diameter

HBK3KSL Keyed Basalt Kit Includes: 

Recommended Accessories:

  • EPT100 - EasyPro Photo Eye Transformer - 100 Watt - The Basalt Light Kit does not include a transformer to control the power on and off the lights.
  • L3WS - 3-Way Splitter for Quick Plug LED Lights w/ Forked Connection - this connects to the EPT100 transformer listed above
  • LEDEX6 - EasyPro LED Fixture Extension Cord with 6 Quick Connect Plugs - 15 ft. This connects to the 3-Way Splitter above. This extension is helpful if your the transformer is mounted away from the fountain. You can connect multiply cords together.
  • LED4WW - EasyPro LED Submersible Light - Warm White - 3 Watts. We recommend adding lights to light up the side of the basalts.