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Welcome to Smith Creek Fish Farm

We provide, pond supplies, live pond fish/game fish and aquatic management services for any size lake or pond. Pond Supplies include: Pond dye, Natural Water Treatments, and Algae control products to name a few. Pond Fish include Triploid Grass Carp, Fathead Minnows, Trout, large mouth bass, channel catfish and More. Japanese Trapdoor snails, Koi and Pond Plants are available for garden ponds. Aquaponics is a growing market for our fish. Located approximately one hours drive from Buffalo or Rochester NY.

Smith Creek Fish Farm has been a family owned and operated New York State certified fish hatchery since 1993. We have nine display ponds, a 20,000 Sq. Ft. hatchery building, 1000 Sq. Ft. greenhouse and a total of thirty-nine aquaculture ponds on twenty-two acres. We carry Kasco brand fountains, Solar and wind powered aerators and de-icer units from a one-quarter horse power lighted fountain for small ponds or water gardens up to seven horsepower units. Koi are on display starting in Spring

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Featured Products for Your Lake or Pond

  • Smith Creek Brand Products

    Smith Creek Brand Products

    Our own line of effective solutions for all of your farm pond needs. These powerful and effective blends are custom created by us to maximize the value and effectiveness of our solutions.

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  • Premium Pond Products

    Premium Pond Products

    Just about everything you need to create, maintain, and improve your farm pond or lake can be found here. From pond dye and chemicals to habitat structures and much more.

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  • Fountains & Aeration

    Fountains & Aeration

    We carry Kasco brand fountains, aerators and de-icer units from a one-quarter horse power lighted fountain for small ponds or water gardens up to seven horse power three phase units.

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Pond Management Service

Do you live in New York and need help with your pond? A certified pond expert can give you specialized care to solve all your pond problems.

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Expert Articles
Tips and Tricks to improve your farm pond or private lake.

We have provided a number of very useful articles aimed at answering some of the most common or most difficult situations relating to your pond.

  • Using Triploid Grass Carp To Control Weeds In NY Ponds

    Triploid Grass Carp In NY Ponds

    Pond and lake weeds can be effectively controlled in private ponds, golf courses, home owners associations and parks. Grass Carp are considered a biological alternative or natural alternative to aquatic chemicals.

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  • How to Keep Pond Water Clear

    How to Keep Pond Water Clear

    A common problem with new and old ponds and lakes is cloudy water. Cloudy pond water is caused by a variety of factors or combinations of factors. To clarify pond water we must first determine what is the root cause of the cloudiness. Not all products or methods will work for all situations.

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  • How do I Choose an Aerator?

    How do I Choose an Aerator?

    All ponds will benefit from aeration, this is a fact. There are a few variables that will determine what type of aeration will give you the best results in your situation and value for your money. Many factors determine how oxygen saturated your water is.

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  • Preventing Common Pond Problems

    Preventing Common Pond Problems

    The early spring is the start of your pond maintenance season. Natural and normal pond biological processes may cause your lake or pond to be undesirable for your usage. Starting in the early spring pond nutrients and muck start to feed the algae and weeds that will be a problem come August. As the sun creeps higher in the sky the growing season begins.

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  • Article - How To Control Pond Muck

    How To Control Pond Muck

    What is pond muck? Muck and sludge that builds up on the bottom of you lake or pond consists of decaying weeds, algae and other material, like leaves, that are slowly decomposing. In other words a huge "compost pile" on the bottom of your pond which is not only makes swimming unpleasant due to the stink when you walk in it and stir it up.

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  • What Caused My Pond Winter Fish Kill?

    What Caused My Pond Winter Fish Kill?

    A Fish Kill is an event where large numbers of fish die in a pond or lake. Sometimes a fish kill indicates a problem in the pond or lake, other times a sudden fish die off can be caused by a series of natural events that when combined cause oxygen levels to drop below the acceptable level for some or all of the fish species to survive.

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  • Pond and Lake Fish Stocking Packages

    Pond Packages and Stocking Rates

    Pond fish stocking packages for common pond and lake sizes. We can also customize a stocking plan for your individual situation. Grass carp rates are determined by the NY DEC in New York. FedEx next day and truck delivery is available as well as local pickup at the hatchery.

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