Pond Care Kit 1 Acre 6 months

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Pond Care & Maintenance Kit 1 Acre 6 months Package Includes:

Smith Creek Super Strength WSP pond dye is the strongest formulation possible. Four bags per box will treat 1 acre of water 4-6 feet deep.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use gloves when applying (included FREE). No measuring or mixing is required. Toss the water-soluble packets directly into the pond. Apply one water-soluble packet of concentrated dye per acre of the pond (per 290,000-580,000 gallons of water) to the desired tint. Reapply the product as needed. The water-soluble packets will dissolve within minutes of coming into contact with the pond water.

Smith Creek Clear Packs With Barley:

  • Reduce sludge buildup
  • Eliminate pond odors
  • Improve water clarity
  • Reduce oxygen demand
  • Eliminate excess nutrients

Smith Creek Muck Pellets are great for spot treating around docks, beaches or partially treating large ponds. This product is a pelleted formulation for targeting pond bottoms. While this bacteria blend is designed to treat several issues of water quality, these 3-gram sludge remover pellets are specifically designed to reduce sludge.

  • Small Ponds: 10 pellets per 1000 gallons every 1-2 weeks
  • Large Pond: 1 to 3 scoops per 1/4 acre - Apply every two weeks.

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