Smith Creek Fish Farm specializes in effective weed control for lakes, ensuring your aquatic environments remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Lake and Pond Weed & Algae Control Services

To learn more about our aquatic lake weed removal service, contact one of our specialists at Smith Creek Fish Farm.

Nuisance aquatic plants and algae may significantly affect your lake or pond's aesthetic and ecological balance. Lake weed removal and algae control are critical to the health and quality of any aquatic habitat.

Curly Leaf Pond Weed Treatments for Private and Commercial Ponds and Lakes In the Buffalo and Rochester Area

We provide our local clients in the Buffalo, Rochester, and Western New York areas with professional DEC-certified algae and lake weed removal services that are ecologically sensitive with DEC and EPA-certified products and methods. Our pond weed removal service and algae treatment solutions aid in the removal of toxic algae and unwanted exotic weeds that would otherwise threaten the aquatic ecosystem's stability.

Our Weed and Algae Control Services:

Invasive Aquatic Plants

Dealing with invasive species requires prompt action and early detection due to their aggressive nature and challenging control. Implementing a strategic management plan at the earliest stages is crucial to prevent them from overwhelming the system. Early discovery allows for the swift application of small-scale, selective lake weed treatment to combat these invaders effectively. A key component of managing invasive species is consistent monitoring. Through regular inspections, we can identify and eliminate invasive plants promptly, stopping their spread in its tracks. It is an effective lake weed control technique.


While a small amount of algae is standard and helpful in an aquatic habitat, it may quickly become out of hand if not managed properly. Excess fertilizer loading, low dissolved oxygen levels, or other water quality abnormalities can cause undesirable algal blooms. One of our experts must accurately determine the cause of your algae problems and build a specific pond weed removal service strategy.

Toxic Algae

Lakes, ponds, and reservoirs can supply drinking water, irrigation, and room for year-round enjoyment. Still, harmful algal blooms are typical in these waterbodies, particularly during the summer heat. HABs, such as blue-green algae, can include deadly cyanobacteria, which are becoming increasingly common in our communities year after year.

Invasive algae and aquatic weeds are not only ugly, but depending on the species; they may also pose a threat to marine life and people. They may wreak havoc on water quality, harm aquatic ecosystems, and obscure a lake's natural beauty. Identifying the target algae and aquatic weeds developing in your pond is critical to getting the intended outcomes. You'll get long-lasting effects if you choose the proper product and apply it at the correct rates and times.


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