Sludge, Muck And Nutrient Management Using Natural Microbial And Enzyme Based Products

Filamentous Algae

Smith Creek Fish Farm encourages, as part of a good lake and pond management plan, the use of natural biological augmentation.

Time is the enemy of your aquatic ecosystem. The breakdown of organic matter contributes to the buildup of bottom muck and sludge.

Composted muck is the product of dead weeds, algae, leaves, branches and incoming silt from runoff. The buildup of sludge and muck contributes to a natural situation called: internal nutrient loading. Nutrient loading makes your aquatic environment more fertile for growing nuisance weeds and algae.

A maintenance plan which includes the addition of beneficial microbes and enzymes, along with aeration, will decrease the sludge and muck and intern the internal nutrient loading of your pond or lake. 

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 Curly Leaf Pond Weed

Membrane diffuser for pond aeration