Beneficial Bacteria Treatments For Ponds

Smith Creek Fish Farm encourages, as part of a good lake and pond management plan, the use of natural biological augmentation.

Biological Augmentation

Ponds gradually fill up as organic matter in the water breaks down naturally, causing an accumulation of bottom muck and contributing to poor water quality. Microbial and enzyme-enriched products can help to keep aquatic habitats healthy. These naturally occurring microorganisms quickly metabolize surplus pond nutrients and break down organic waste that would otherwise obstruct the freshwater exchange required for an ideal habitat, avoiding many common water quality issues.

Balancing Your Aquatic Ecosystem

  • The utilization of naturally existing microbes efficiently metabolizes surplus nutrients and breaks down organic debris that would otherwise obstruct the fresh water exchange required for an ideal environment, avoiding many common water quality issues.
  • The natural decomposition of organic waste in the water generates an accumulation of bottom sludge, which causes lakes and ponds to fill in over time
  • We use biological augmentation as part of a comprehensive lake and pond management strategy to help decrease sludge accumulation and enhance water quality.
  • When biological augmentation is paired with correct aeration and beneficial aquatic plants, the benefits are much better.

With our beneficial pond bacteria treatments, you can recover the health and beauty of your aquatic environment.

Contact one of our experts at Smith Creek Fish Farm here to discuss our beneficial bacteria treatments for your pond.


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