As an aquatic management company, Smith Creek Fish Farm knows that an aeration system is one of, if not the most important, piece of equipment you can invest in for the long term health of your pond or lake.

There are a many variables that will determine what type of aeration will give you the best results in your situation and the best value for your money.

If you look at our selection of aeration equipment you may be a bit overwhelmed by your options, but we at Smith Creek Fish Farm can help you choose the proper aeration system for your situation. In the Western New York area, we can even do the full installation of your system.

We also can custom design any size aeration system. Solar and wind powered aerators are also available.  

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RV Pond AeratorSolar Pond Aerator Installation

4 Leg WindmillAeration DiagramAeration Diagram

Installation, Service, And Design Including Solar and Windmill Aerators


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