Bio-Blox Filter Media

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EasyPro Bio-Blox Filter Media

Great low-cost choice for large volume applications. EasyPro grinds this media in-house, allowing for very competitive pricing. The best value available is EasyPro’s Bio-Blox filter media. This media is made by EasyPro and has approximately 500 square feet of surface area for every cubic foot of material. It is available in one-third and one cubic foot boxes or in bulk ten and 25 cubic feet boxes. This is the perfect replacement media for AquaFalls or similar biological filters.

  • Approximately 500 square feet of surface area in every cubic foot Bio-Blox Filter Media material, this allows for maximum filtration in a given area.
  • Polyester material will last for years
  • Available in a 1/3, one, ten or twenty five cubic foot box
  • Also available in 2 cu. ft. pre-filled mesh bags

Bio-Blox Filter Media