Outdoor Water Solutions AerMaster Pro 11 3/4 HP 115V

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Outdoor Water Solutions Deep Pond Aerator AerMaster Pro 11


  • (2) 3/4hp Quantum compressors
  • A powder-coated Aluminum cabinet designed for quieter operation
  • The Cabinet lid removes completely for easy serviceability.
  • Add a soundproofing kit.
  • No tools needed to remove compressors or fans
  • (2) 6″ cooling fans
  • (6) Double Disc 9″ Rubber Membrane Diffuser with Self-Sinking Base
  • adjustable valves with valve manifold
  • 0-30psi Pressure gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • 115 volt systems include a GFCI Receptacle
  • Airline not included (5/8″ airline suggested)
  • Available voltage 115 and 230. Note at checkout.

The Deep Pond Aerator AerMaster Pro 11 features two 3/4hp Quantum Compressors with two 6″ cooling fans to keep your compressors running at optimum temperatures. These systems are designed to be easy to maintain and have quiet operations. No one wants excess noise in their relaxing pond environment, so this system comes with a powder-coated aluminum cabinet designed for quieter operations. When you are ready to enjoy your pond or lake, the last thing you want is a dirty pond, so an AerMaster Pro 11 is excellent for creating a fresh environment. And having a quiet compressor is key to making sure your pond is enjoyable.

This Deep Pond Aerator AerMaster Pro 11 also includes six Double Disc 9″ Rubber Membrane diffusers with self-sinking bases. This means you can put them wherever you need them to provide complete aeration to your pond, no matter how big it is. With six adjustable valves with valve manifold, an adjustable pressure gauge capable of 0-30 psi, and a pressure relief valve to ensure your system can push air to the areas your pond needs it most.

This Deep Pond Aerator AerMaster Pro 11 is available in both 115 and 230 voltage, so you know your electric aeration system is getting plenty of power to thoroughly aerate your pond or lake no matter how big your environment is. The Deep Pond Aerator AerMaster Pro 11 115-volt system includes a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacle, so your system is protected in the event of a ground fault. GFCI is critical for any electric equipment in wet or damp locations.

The only thing not included in the Deep Pond Aerator AerMaster Pro 11 system is the airline. We recommend using a 5/8″ airline.

Electric aeration is a great way to ensure your pond or lake has the level of aeration needed to keep your fish healthy and your water environment healthy and enjoyable.

This aeration system comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty. Deep Pond Aerator AerMaster Pro 11.

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