EasyPro Complete Fish System - 300 gallon Tank

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EasyPro Complete Fish System - 300 gallons

Ideal for displaying koi and goldfish in retail settings, and for small scale aquaculture production in a classroom or business. The key to any system is filtration, all our systems use EasyPro bead filters which provide excellent mechanical and biological filtration. The quality filtration is why the fish carrying capacity of these systems are much higher than other similar sized systems. Garden centers, retailers and pond stores all use these systems with great success.

The Fish System 1

A single tank set up that requires less than 6' x 8' of space. Commonly used in retail stores and pond shops, this system is also found in many school classrooms studying aquaculture.

System Includes:

  • One PBF1800 EasyPro bead filter rated for up to 60 pounds of fish
  • One PT6530 300 gallon fish tank 65" diameter x 30" deep
  • One GV50S continuous duty pump
  • All necessary fittings, valves, unions, pipe, etc.