Kasco Stainless Steel Fountain Lighting LED 6 Fixture Kit

Choose Cord Length: 200 FT.
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KASCO Stainless Steel Fountain Lighting LED


Kasco Stainless Steel Lighting Systems ensure a radiant display long into the evening hours. It is the ultimate lighting solution for your Kasco J and VFX Series Fountains and Surface Aerators. Kasco LED lighting is designed with ease in mind as each fixture is daisy-chained together for easy installation.  Every 19 watts, a low-voltage fixture delivers a classic white color and is rated at nearly 1,700 lumens. These customizable light fixtures come with 5 colored lenses and caps to change your water display. These lights run on standard 60Hz power and are UL listed and CSA certified. These durable and flexible lights will add nighttime drama and beauty to any water feature. Add the beauty of color to your water feature and make it pop!

Stainless Steel LED SPEC Sheet 


  • Mounting brackets, hardware & snap-on clips
  • UL, CSA, & NEC approved underwater-rated cable
  • A complete set is UL/CSA Listed
  • Saltwater compatible
  • Packaged for easy installation and convenient shipping
  • 3-year warranty
  • 120 VAC power

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