Matala Pond Vacuum II - 2 HP

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Matala Pond Vacuum - 2 HP - MPV2

Matala offers three different sizes of pond vacuums to aid in pond cleaning and maintenance

The MPV2 is a contractor/pond maintenance model that features a dual pump system where water is continuously sucked through the system and pumped back outof the tank allowing for much faster, consistent cleaning action.


  • Easy operation with heavy duty wheels and handle
  • Internal pre-filter bag
  • Includes vacuum, extension tubes, nozzles, 32' discharge hose, 26' suction hose, sludge collection bag, power cord and assembly hardware

Additional Information:

  • 1500 gallon per hour vacuum/exhaust capacity
  • Suction lift 5' above water
  • Auto fill and drain cycle - 25-30 second drain cycle
  • Powerful 2 hp motor
  • Holds 5.3 gallons of water
  • Two Year Warranty