Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder

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Scott Glesmann

Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder

Mary Yungeberg
It works!

The product mixed fairly well and my fish are better. I dosed twice for what appeared to be the start of a bacterial or fungal infection.

Vincent Johnson
so far so good..............

I lost 2 Koi to parasites, but after application have seen no further infestations. Will continue to monitor closely. Aprox 3000 gal plus backyard pond. It is very hard to get to go into solution........

Nick Richardson
Prazi Powder

Works great and the price is very reasonable with superb customer services!

Frederick Kaempf
Happy customer

Only issue is that the product has some clumping, but that is better than getting with anti-clumping additives. The clumps can be broken up easily.
Good Co. to deal with.
Thank you for a good, fair priced product.


Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder


Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder for Fluke and Worm Treatment for Koi Ponds and Tropical Aquarium Fish in Salt Water and Fresh Water.

Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder does not stress your pond fish or damage filter biologics, an excellent treatment for internal worms in goldfish and koi. One or Two treatments of Prazi-Power and no water changes. Note: We suggest treating every spring to get your pond fish off to a great year and every fall before you put your fish to sleep for the winter. 10g per 1000 Gallons or 1/4 tsp per 40 gallons. Can also be mixed with food. SAFE FLUKE TREATMENT AT AN AFFORDABLE COST! Flukes are a very common initial cause of ulcers and open wounds which can lead to internal and external bacterial infections! Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder works by paralyzing the parasite and allowing the fish and koi to shed the parasite. 

WarningsPrazi-Power Praziquantel Powder is for aquarium and ornamental fish use only. Not for human use. This product should not be given to fish intended for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. Use in saltwater systems where flatworms of the Polycladida order are being cultivated is not recommended as some contradictions will apply. Do not use with any other drugs. The purchaser or company representative certifies that by completing any order that includes these products will be used as intended to treat and maintain the health of ornamental aquarium and self-contained pond species. The purchaser is aware of the restrictions placed on the sale of these products and agree the personnel responsible for the treatment of ornamental fish will be instructed in its proper usage; and agree to not intentionally divert these chemicals for any other purpose and have been instructed to establish and maintain records of the purchase and use of these products if required by law. By completing any order that includes products in this category the purchaser agrees to these terms.

*Caution: Not for Human Use.

**Re-seller and Wholesale Pricing Available.

 Prazi-Power Praziquantel Powder

 Prazi-Power SDS

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