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Why Add a Fountain to Your Pond or Lake

A pond or lake can add so much to your backyard, community, farm, or course. Water is a way to bring people together and support wildlife. Fountains can be used to enhance the landscape's visual appeal and to create a tranquil and relaxing environment. Fountains are not only beautiful, but they also provide oxygen to the pond. The tiny droplets that make contact with the air and then fall back into it add oxygen. Are pond water fountains a good choice? The depth, shape and size of your pond are all important factors in determining whether a fountain is the right one for you.

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How To Choose A Fountain

6' Rule

A fountain won't provide sufficient aeration if your pond is deeper than 6 feet. Why? Pond aeration works best when all the water in the pond circulates simultaneously. Fountains draw water only from the top of the water column. Water deeper than 6 feet is left unaffected and oxygen-deprived.

For deeper ponds, subsurface aeration is recommended to ensure complete circulation. These units push air through diffuser plates at the bottom of the pool. The oxygenated water at the bottom of the pond is created by the bubbles rising.

Smith Creek Fish Farm carries all major brands of pond and lake diffused aerators. You can find our full range of subsurface aerators here 

Significance of shape

While curves and bends can add an interesting look to your pond's water, they can also limit circulation. The oxygenated water from a fountain might not reach certain areas of your pond if it is located on an island, cove or other irregular shoreline. For ponds with unique shapes, you may need multiple fountains or a combination fountain and aeration systems. You can't over-aerate a pond, but you can sub-aerate it. This will cause more algae and weed growth in areas that don't get enough oxygen.


Sizing Your Fountain                                                                                       

A fountain is a great option to aerate a pond that is less than 6 feet deep and has uniform shape. We now need to think about the spray pattern, horsepower, and other factors.

  • Spray pattern - A classic V-shaped design is the best for pond aeration. It does the job quickly and efficiently. Because the spray patterns are more complicated than the water, it's less likely that your pond will be adequately aerated.
  • Horsepower It is a good idea to use a 1.5 HP motor per acre when fountains are used for pond aeration. You can use the fountain as decoration, but a 1HP motor per acre is better.

Smith Creek Fish Farm carries all major brands of pond and lake fountains. You can find our full range of fountains here

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Adding Light To Your Fountain

Fountain lights can transform any outdoor space into something beautiful and magical. By illuminating water features, it can bring life to your fountain. The right water fountain lights will highlight the fountain's movement. This creates the ideal atmosphere for outdoor spaces.

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Additional Considerations

For winter, it is recommended that fountains be removed so they don't get damaged by icy conditions. This would mean that your fish would not have pond aeration during winter. Fountains can also be quite costly if they are being operated 24 hours a day. Aeration systems are designed for winter use and have lower operating costs. No matter what method you use, aeration is a must. It could end up costing you more long-term.

Our local customers can take advantage of our installation and winter removal program, which also includes acid washing, inspection, and storage. Feel free to contact us with questions, for a quote, or for help determining the best fountain unit for your situation
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