Kasco Fountain Lighting RGB LED 6 Fixture Kit

Cord Length: 50 FT
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KASCO Fountain Lighting RGB LED


Kasco WaterGlow Lighting Systems add vibrancy to any evening water display with exceptional color options, rhythmic patterns, and musical capabilities and is the ultimate decorative and/or event lighting for your J-Series or VFX-Series fountainsWith the capacity to create 9 different colors, this remote-control operated unit also allows the user to adjust brightness levels, has three sequencing patterns, and can be coupled with any music-playing device that supports a 3.5mm Y connector (not included with the unit.) This affords the user the ability to set the RGB light sequencing to the rhythm of the music. The 3 fixture kit is recommended for 1/2-1HP units.

WaterGlow Lighting SPEC Sheet


  • RGB lighting controller and remote
  • Mounting brackets, hardware & snap-on clips
  • UL, CSA, & NEC approved underwater-rated cable
  • Saltwater compatible
  • Packaged for easy installation and convenient shipping
  • Change lighting color with the touch of a button
  • Select from 9 static colors or one of three transitions
  • Music mode syncs color transitions to music
  • 2-year warranty

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