Fisheries Management starts with stocking your pond or lake. Once you are stocked, using proper stocking rates, the actual management begins.

The first step is to establish realistic goals. The goal of one pond owner may be to have a fun pond for his or her grandkids to swim and fish. Another goal could be to have trophy bass, and still another goal could be to have harvestable fish for the dinner table.

No matter what your goal is, Smith Creek Fish Farm management service will help you reach and exceed it. Some services we provide are: Habitat Building, Bathymetric Mapping, Supplemental Forage Stockings, Electrofishing, Species Ratio Management and Developing Catch & Release vs. Harvest Plans.  

We often tell clients that "catch and release" is not a comprehensive management plan. In many cases, culling low quality fish or overly large fish will improve the overall health and quality of the fishery.

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