Retention, Detention and Engineered Wetlands are increasingly being regulated and required for any point source runoff.

A point source runoff can be a condo complex, farm or a shopping mall parking lot. By design, these water collection structures are created to collect runoff that we do not want pouring directly into a lake or river. They aare also used to prevent flooding of structures and roads.

But just because these structures are meant to collect waste water does nbt mean we cannot design or manage them to be aesthetically pleasing at minimum, and possibly used for recreational purposes.

If you are planning a new project, Smith Creek Fish Farm can help you design the proper sized structure to comply with DEC SPEDES regulations.

We can also handle compliance on an existing structure. Compliance inspections and maintenance would include inspection and cleaning of incoming and outgoing pipes and weirs, sediment depth monitoring for estimating volume, budgeting for a full clean-out situation, and weed and algae management.

We also offer suction dredging and geo-textile bag containment of the sediment. This is often an affordable option compared to complete mechanical dredging.

Fountains can often turn a retention pond into a focal point of the property rather than a cattail choked swamp, and stocking fish will help with mosquito control.

For all your retention and detention pond BMP's in the New York Area, please contact us at Smith Creek Fish Farm. 


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