The Lake and Pond Managers at Smith Creek Fish Farm will design a comprehensive management  program and provide each client with a practical maintenance plan for the future. Our goal is to preserve the natural beauty and balance of our clients ecosystem. In the case where the client is experiencing issues with their lake or pond, we will custom tailor a plan to restore the balance of the ecosystem.


Often a plan will include algae and weed control along with a natural biological component.  In many cases a portion of the management plan will include the client applying the "Pond Care Kit" portion of program and our DEC certified applicators and managers handle the more technical aspects including the algae and weed control and water quality monitoring.

Lakes and ponds are the centerpiece of a property. Having a property with a beautiful lake/pond view and or access increases the property value greatly. Conversely, a property with a troubled aquatic ecosystem would surely limit the property value.

Smith Creek Fish Farm uses the latest technology and equipment to expedite the diagnosing process and to ensure process is done safely and with the health of the environment as the number one priority

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Comprehensive Seasonal Lake and Pond Management in the Buffalo, Rochester and Western New York


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