3-Way Splitter for Quick Plugs

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This 3-way splitter can connect three lightings to a single transformer, which makes it easy to layout the lighting installation. A 3-way splitter for quick connector plugs has Three of Quick connect easy to connect standard Plug. 

Y splitter Quick release can work for three appliances at the same time. 3.28 ft makes it easy to use and connect. Aluminum foil shields make it a high-density connector. 

Connect Plug on your current quick connect and connect our quick release connect on three Plug easily. It can be used for different applications if you need a fast release connection. We are professionals that have produced LED adapters and LED cable accessories for many years. If you need customized, please contact us.


  • This splitter can connect three led devices to a single transformer.
  • Quick-connect fittings make your led device installation simple and easy.
  • Eliminates the need to cut and connect your lighting into the transformer.
  • 3.28ft cord length makes it easy to maneuver the splitter during installation.
  • Secure connection to any battery
  • Work efficiently 
  • Good Rubber material long-lasting and not heat transfer for extended use. 
  • Quick LED connector 
  • Used to convert EPT100 and larger to work
  • High-density braided shielding to effectively isolate EMI/RFI electromagnetic interference.
  • Ul certificated 


Product code L3WP

Price $10.19

Color black

Item Type: 2pin three-way splitter

Certification: UL

Length: 1m/3.28ft

Material: Rubber

Waterproof: IP67

Voltage 110 volt

Wattage 9 watts

Type 3 way switching 

Three-Way LED Splitter 

Quick connect LED connections

Applications and Uses:

The gold-plated contacts of the Plug have stable conductivity, which can effectively reduce the loss of data transmission and avoid generating wrong signals. The Independent shielding structure of the three-base color signal line reduces interference and ensures high-speed data transmission.

The outer layer adopts aluminum foil and high-density braided shielding to effectively isolate EMI/RFI electromagnetic interference, to ensure the best performance of its high-definition video effects in different working environments. This splitter can connect three led devices to a single transformer. This is a very secure product.  

This 3-way splitter for quick plugs Used to convert EPT100 and more significantly to work. This is easy and simple to use for connecting any plugs and devices. It is easy to install without any interruptions. It is a high definition connector and works significantly with all aspects.

If you need other led cable accessories, please contact us for customized.