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Black Pond Dye Concentrate Works!

I have not used the liquid black pond dye concentrate yet, but did use two of the small black dye packets in my 1/5 acre pond and it worked perfectly. The pond is in full sun most of the day, so black is my go to color to shade the entire pond and stop the sun loving chara in the pond from spreading. I have tried many other black dye products over the years, some good and some that were a waste of money. Smith Creek's black dye packets so far have been the best. The true black mirror color is exactly what I wanted, especially with the heat wave we had. Two weeks later and the black color hasn't faded yet!

Michael Adni
black dye not used yet so hard to rate

Have not used yet, bought for when the Aquashade I had clears more.
If you ever get copper sulfate in 50 pound bags email me please cause the 50# alum sulfate price was good and quick to ship. Thankyou

Michael Daigler
Good stuff

Extremely concentrated, and great price.

Danielle Messmer
Black dye

Worked great for a 30 ft diameter 12in pond. Hoping this helps the algae. Time will tell.

Frank C.

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